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Our customers save an average of 22.8% off of their supply chain spends. Small Package and Freight Negotiation and Audit services tailored to your company.

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Audit Services

Shipping Credit Recovery

Our cloud based, non-invasive parcel audit automatically recovers credits for service failures and billing errors.

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Carrier Contract Negotiation

  • Get better discounts
  • Shorten negotiation period
  • Improve carrier responsiveness

Audit Shipping Invoices

  • Automatic credits
  • No contract
  • Non-intrusive

Reporting and Optimization

  • Improve business practices
  • Make faster decisions
  • Enhance visibility

Contract Negotiation

Parcel Auditing

Effective Cost Reduction

It’s no secret that parcel shipping costs are rising every year. Increases in surcharges combined with annual carrier rate increases have companies everywhere looking for ways to trim costs and operate more economically. First Flight Solutions has the expertise to identify areas in which your company can reduce its costs and the skills required to implement effective parcel cost reduction strategies.

Hundreds of companies annually rely on First Flight Solutions to manage their respective parcel spends, and for good reason. Our customers save an average of 22.8 percent.

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