“We knew there were savings opportunities available to us in our small parcel spend, but the First Flight Solutions team really opened our eyes to the dollars that we were overspending. Their audit is recovering over $2,000 a month in credits and refunds for us. Their negotiation assistance process was very simple and not a time-consuming “project”.

“The team was very professional, knowledgeable and informative throughout the entire negotiation process. Bottom line: FFS helped us negotiate down our carrier spend by over 35%. Annually, that’s over $600,000. Thank you, FFS!”

Director of Operations
Manufacturer & Distributor of Medical Devices

“Our partnership with First Flight Solutions has dramatically enhanced supply chain visibility. With the reporting and optimization tools available through the FFS dashboard, my team has all the information it needs to make informed decisions. First Flight is even finding additional credits we didn’t know were available, putting money back on our bottom line!”

Senior Financial Analyst
Reverse Logistics Corporation

“The post audit service provided by First Flight Solutions has helped our company in a number of ways. The continual audit of our parcel invoices puts money back on our bottom line, while value-added reporting and optimization capabilities have allowed us visibility of what drives our cost, leading to better business decisions — at no cost to us. The best part is that all of this we don’t pay until we have our money in hand. This service literally pays for itself, and pays us, too!”

Senior Auditor
Consumer Electronics Corporation

“Through the post audit recovery service provided by First Flight Solutions, our company has recouped tens of thousands of dollars that would have otherwise slipped through our fingers, simply because we were unaware that those savings even existed. In this increasingly dynamic age in which we do business, it is important to see help from experts like the team at First Flight. The knowledge of their people, combined with the value of their services, makes the decision a ‘no-brainer’.

Vice President & CFO
Online Sporting Goods Retailer

“My 30-plus years of experience and long-standing carrier relationships told me that I recently had negotiated the best small parcel program available for my company. First Flight Solutions validated that I did have a good program with my “almost inked agreement”, but their knowledge, skill and ability allowed me to double my carrier expense reduction — to almost 20%. That’s a lot of money now staying on my company’s bottom line, not the carrier’s.”

VP Supply Chain & Global Sourcing
Clothing Manufacturing Incorporation

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