Frequently Asked Questions

How is First Flight Solutions different from other consultants?

First Flight Solutions focuses on one area: supply chain spend management. We do not dilute our efforts by pursuing contracts for office supplies, IT, telecom, etc.

How much do your services cost?

Our fees are performance-based and are tied to a gain-share agreement. If we do not achieve measurable savings, we do not get paid.

How long before I start saving money?

Depending on the complexity of the negotiations, a new rate agreement can usually be put in place within four to eight weeks.

What savings should I expect from First Flight Solutions?

We typically save our clients between 10% and 30% over their current net small package spend. Feel free to read their testimonials.

Why shouldn’t I just do this myself?

Because we are the experts in this field. While you may achieve small concessions from the carriers, the results will not be close to what we can realize on your behalf. We spent years negotiating for the carriers and have the knowledge base to attain maximum results. We are constantly conducting negotiations and know what is happening in the marketplace. Our expertise and proprietary analysis tools allow us to uncover savings you may not realize are available. A recent Morgan Stanley survey stated that companies that used consultants like First Flight realized a 49% increase in incentives compared to companies that did not.

Will I be forced to change carriers?

Not unless you feel it is the right thing to do for your business. We will conduct the carrier negotiations and make a formal recommendation. You will make the final decision on which carrier, or carriers, you will use.