LTL Services

LTL Contract Negotiation and Carrier Management

LTL pricing is complex, which makes it hard to negotiate rates and be sure you are getting the best deal with freight carriers. The LTL management team at First Flight brings a combined 100+ years of LTL experience. In fact, many are ex-LTL pricing analysts who developed the actual pricing models used by LTL carriers. Our customers typically realize a 15-25% savings on their LTL shipping costs.

We offer two ways of working together – co-managed and control tower. Our flexible arrangements allow contracts to stay in your name, keeping the relationship directly between you and the carrier. We also provide complete claims management.

  • Save 15-25% on LTL shipping costs, with no upfront costs
  • Contracts remain between your company and the carriers
  • Complete invoice audit and claims management included

Command Center TMS

Logistics technology is expensive and difficult to implement on your own. But, the benefits to your logistics operation are immediate in terms of both time saved and hard costs. We provide a complete, easy to implement TMS solution that will connect you to your freight carriers and transform your logistics operation.

First Flight’s Command Center TMS includes real-time API connections to over 1,100 LTL carriers and fast training for super users in less than 2 hours. It easily integrates with any ERP and becomes a scalable logistics data repository for your own shipping rates and load history.

  • Instantly automate your logistics process with TMS technology
  • Fast implementation and minimal training for users
  • Eliminates most paperwork and carrier phone calls

Freight Audit and Payment

Freight carriers make a lot of billing errors, yet auditing and managing the freight audit and payment process is hard to do. We provide a turn-key solution that manages each part of the invoice audit process that will save you 3-5% off your total logistics spend.

Instead of having to process countless carrier invoices each week, you’ll receive a single consolidated and audited invoice already GL coded. We know the LTL business, performing freight audit and payment on 956 million invoices in the last year covering $5.5 billion in spend.

  • Save 3-5% on shipping, with no out of pocket expenses
  • Receive one consolidation invoice each week
  • All your carriers are paid within 24 hours