We help companies save money on shipping.

Rate Negotiation

Even if you think your carrier pricing agreement already contains the best rates available in the market, it never hurts to get a second opinion. We offer a completely free parcel analysis that will determine what, if any, cost savings opportunities exist. If you like what we come back with, we can move forward with reducing your cost. If not, you haven’t lost a thing.

Parcel Invoice Audit

Our audit doesn’t change the way you currently do business. Already have an in-house audit? No problem. Not currently auditing your bills? Even better.

Our web-based, proprietary software simply scans your FedEx and UPS invoices, intent on finding late deliveries and billing errors that other auditors overlook. Sit back and rest assured that your company isn’t wasting money.

Reporting & Optimization

As a free value-added service to the parcel invoice audit, clients enjoy a wealth of canned and ad-hoc reports available at the click of a button. Savvy clients can utilize this information to improve business processes and make necessary changes to improve the company’s bottom line. If you cannot find a report you need, our developers are ready and able to create it.


  • Preserve client-carrier relationship
  • Shorter negotiation period
  • Better discounts
  • Improve carrier responsiveness
  • Understand cost-drivers


  • More than 35 audit points
  • 1-3% hard-dollar savings
  • No contracts. Cancel at any time.
  • Pay only a percentage of savings generated
  • Free reporting & optimization tools


  • Deliver reports when & where you want
  • Improve visibility
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Improve internal accountability
  • Free up internal resources