Core Values

Our world is changing. Our values aren’t.


Work Ethic

“Work ethic is a reflection of one’s dedication to achievement. The consistent motivation to succeed is easily reflected on our colleagues and clients. Without a doubt, we will work harder (and smarter) than anyone else.”

  • Brian Byrd
    Brian Byrd Director of Operations



    “Integrity is always doing the right thing and not cutting corners, even when no one is watching. Integrity is being honest, ethical, and accountable. It means having high morals and standards for yourself, your family, and your job and sticking to those standards no matter what is going on around you.”

    • Britt Vinson
      Britt Vinson HR Manager



      “For me, professionalism means being respectful, accountable, and truthful to everyone you encounter, both personally and professionally. Doing what you say you will do, honoring your commitments, and being nice to others goes a long way!”

      • Olivia Yankosky
        Olivia Yankosky National Sales Manager



        “Passion is a strong emotion that can drive you to do amazing things. When you are passionate about something, your motivation and determination come from within. Passion can make a person breathe, sleep, and dream about what they want to accomplish and how to get there because it’s getting you that much closer to your goal. Passion isn’t M–F 8–5 — passion is 24/7.”

        • Jillian Farrington
          Jillian Farrington Senior Marketing Coordinator



          “The dictionary definition of perfection is “a quality or condition that cannot be improved,” and that is what I strive for. While I’m certainly not perfect, my goal is to do my best to continually push for improvement and settle for nothing less.”

          • Bob West
            Bob West Corporate Sales

            Our Core Focus

            Building a company that delivers positive results by providing maximum supply chain cost reduction.