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FedEx® & UPS® Negotiation FAQs

Here’s a fun fact. Of all the data we analyze, 85% shows money still on the negotiating table.

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How much will I save?

Most customers save 15–25% on their total small parcel spend, but it’ll depend on your business. Know this — we will predict your savings to within 1/10 of 1% before we start. This means you can estimate exactly what your shipping spend will be, and how much you will save.

What is the cost?

There is no cost, only savings. Our model is performance-based, so we are only paid as a percentage of your actual, realized savings. All results are measured and documented so you know exactly what you are (not) paying for.

Can First Flight Solutions save me money?

Yes. And remember, we only get paid if you save! We will tell you your savings before we even start. And if we don’t get to the target number, you pay nothing. Clearly, we have confidence in our process to identify the precise rates you should be paying AND how to get you there. 

How long does it take to get started?

It’s fast, frankly. We guide you through a series of simple steps that take just a few hours of your time over the course of a few weeks. Our customer testimonials speak to how easy our sign-up process is.

When will I see results?

We guarantee your savings, and that starts right from the beginning. If we do not hit the savings target specified by our analysis there is no cost.

Do I need to use your carriers?

No. This is about getting the best rates from the carriers you want to work with. Plus, all your rate agreements remain between you and your carriers.

Will this impact my carrier relationships?

Nope. The carriers don’t even know that First Flight Solutions is involved, as we work behind the scenes. If anything, your service will improve because they’ll respect the professionalism and knowledge you’ll bring to the negotiating table.

How is First Flight Solutions different?

Our customers rave about the impact we’ve had on their businesses — we’ll let them tell you.

How can First Flight Solutions negotiate our rates better than we can?

We understand that you know your business better than anyone. But we make that knowledge even more powerful with something you don’t have — real market rate data. The other key part of our method is an understanding of the carrier’s cost structure and margins. This gives you the information advantage which makes all the difference when negotiating with carriers.

We already have low rates. How can you help us?

You might think your rates are the best you can get many of the companies we speak with do. But for most, that is not actually the case. You might be a great negotiator, but you probably are missing the hidden information you really need to lock in the best rates. Talk to us — the worst case for you is free validation that your rates are already great.

I just signed my contract. Do I need to wait?

No. There is no need to wait until your contract is up for renewal. Most of the contracts we help renegotiate are nowhere near the end of their term. Your parcel shipping needs are changing all the time, and your rate agreements need to reflect this.     

FedEx® & UPS® Audit & Optimization FAQs

Don’t want to be roped into a commitment? Don’t worry! We offer you a free 30-day small parcel audit with no obligations and a demo of the industry’s sweetest optimization tool to boot. The best thing about it? All those refunds are yours to stuff in your pockets.

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How much will we save?

You can expect up to a 12% reduction in small parcel costs: 1–5% will come as hard savings, with another 7% in soft savings. We only get paid based on your realized savings, so you can be sure we are working hard to get the maximum.

What is the cost?

There is zero upfront cost, and First Flight Solutions only charges when you save money. If you don’t get a refund, we don’t get paid — simple. When we show documented savings, we share 50% of the refund amount.

Will hiring First Flight Solutions affect my carrier relationships?

No, we are simply getting you money you are already owed. Carriers know how hard it is for shippers to recover refunds on their own. And at the same time, they know you are entitled to it. Parcel invoice auditing is a very confusing process, which is no accident. We make it easy.

How involved do I need to be in the process?

You’re required to do almost nothing because we’ve got the process down to a science. We work off your weekly shipment summary, pulled directly from the carrier. You’ll receive one consolidated invoice every week that has all of your shipment detail and, most importantly, your savings.

How is First Flight Solutions different from its competitors?

Our customers are our best advocates. See what they have to say.

Are you a freight payment company?

No. We are industry experts with years of experience negotiating and administering small parcel rate agreements. We use our knowledge and technology to generate the biggest refunds possible — you’ll get every penny you are owed. You’ll also benefit from our online Dashboard and analytics tools to get even more from your shipping data.

Will I save money?

Yes, and to ensure you do, we offer a free 30-day test where we do the work and you keep all the savings. We charge nothing for it, and it’ll be real-life proof that the process works.

How do we know you aren't missing anything?

We only get paid when we recover hard dollars for you. Every company’s rate agreement is different, and our experience enables us to find each opportunity where a carrier owes you money. To do this right you have to know what to look for, and that’s what we do best. It has to be that’s the only way we get paid.

Do we lose control of our shipping data?

No. Control of everything remains with you. You always have access to all of your shipping data through your online Dashboard. You also gain access to powerful analytics tools that help you use that same data and insight to improve your shipping operations in bigger and better ways.

Do I need to commit to contract?

Not at all. You are able to cancel at any time.


Freight Services FAQs

 As a shipper, do you like seeing all your options in front of you? Consider this. Shippers who use Command Center TMS have instant access to API connections to over 1,300 carriers!

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How much will I save? How?

Your company can save anywhere from 15–25% on your overall logistics spend. The reduction will come from hard cost-savers, like lower carrier rates and optimized mode selection, but also in the form of soft savings. Real-time access to shipping data, track and trace information, and better customer service are additional benefits.

Can I keep my carriers?

Yes. If your current carriers are providing you with excellent service, why change? What we’ll do is help you lower your rates with them. If you want, we can help find additional carriers to support your business. Our years of logistics expertise, our dedication to our customers, and the latest technology enable us to improve your logistics operations in a broad range of ways.

Is this a shared savings model?

All the savings, wherever they come from, are retained by you. Your costs and everything in your logistics operation will become instantly transparent. We work on a flat or pertransaction fee, depending on your preference.

Is this a customized solution?

Yes. Every program we build for a customer is based on their specific needs. This covers everything from the technology employed to support your business, to the professional experience of the members of our team who support your business.

Is there supporting tech? How does it work?

The Command Center TMS offers real-time API (application program interface) connections with over 1,300 LTL and TL carriers, ensuring you can always find the right carrier at the lowest cost. Better yet, it can be easily integrated with any ERP, WMS, or existing TMS system. 


When there’s a problem with a shipment — will I receive help? What support do you provide?

Absolutely. We’ve got you covered! We identify issues quickly via our technology, and back that up with a dedicated account support team to proactively resolve any problems. Your account team has daily responsibility for managing the entire shipping process, so if a problem pops up it won’t catch anyone off guard. And of course, we will fix it as quickly as possible.

What is the Control Tower?

Our Logistics Control Tower connects all the parts of our clients logistics operations. From suppliers to distribution centers to customers everyone is put on the same page. Key management functions like rate negotiation, carrier management, and real-time data are optimized and accessible with the Control Tower. 


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