FedEx Delivery Schedule Will Expand to Six Days Year-Round

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On Wednesday, September 12, 2018, FedEx announced that it will begin six-day-a-week delivery in order to meet growing demand. Its largest competitors, UPS and USPS, already offer delivery six or seven days a week.

FedEx wants to be well-prepared for the imminent peak season and has already predicted another record-breaker.

To deal with the higher volume, FedEx will add Monday to its long-time Tuesday–Saturday schedule. After the holiday period, FedEx Ground will continue the six-day operations throughout its U.S. network year-round.

“FedEx Ground has operated six- and seven-day operations during the holidays for several years as e-commerce has grown, and thanks to strategic investments in our network, we are now well-positioned to operate six days a week in the U.S. all year to best serve the rapidly growing demand,” said Raj Subramaniam, executive vice president, chief marketing and communications officer, FedEx Corp.

In order to do this, the company will increase the hours of some of its employees, in addition to hiring an additional 55,000 workers for the holiday season. The major carrier has also been investing in new facilities and technologies, an expansion which began in 2005 and has picked up pace in the last five years, with the addition of nearly 36 million square feet to its network, including the opening of nine new hubs and 58 automated stations since 2013. This multifold expanded capacity will enable the company to grow with the demand as well as increase efficiencies.

FedEx does not expect demand to slow, noting that 2018 will be a record volume year for the company. For example, a record delivery day was 12 million shipments in 2009, and now the carrier handles more than 14 million shipments on a typical day. In the last 10 years, busiest-day volume has almost tripled, from 11.5 million packages in 2007 to 29.5 million in 2017.

Shippers take note, however — the greater demand which has made it necessary for FedEx vans to take to the streets on Mondays could bring higher rate increases for 2019.

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