FedEx vs UPS 2020 GRIs: Comparison & analysis for small parcel shippers

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Here’s the info small parcel shippers need to make the best carrier choices in 2020.

Use our illustrated comparison and analysis to understand how much your costs are going up, and also look for new opportunities to change how, and on which lanes, you are using either carrier.

As we always do, First Flight Solutions has built the industry’s most detailed comparison and analysis of the UPS and FedEx GRIs and made it available for instant download – CLICK HERE TO GET THE REPORT.

This analysis provides small parcel shippers with relevant and actionable information to take advantage of opportunities presented by calculating the cost impact of the GRIs and renegotiating your carrier agreements.

For more information, as well as to see exactly how much the GRIs will increase your costs in 2020, email us at

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