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Putting millions back on your bottom line!

3 best-in-class services to choose from. Ship smarter. Spend less.

FedEx® & UPS®
Rate Negotiation

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Small Parcel
Audit & Optimization

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Freight Services

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FedEx®/UPS® Rate Negotiation

Don’t leave $$ on the negotiating table.

Negotiate smarter. Get the information advantage that will let you join the shippers who’ve saved billions on their carrier agreements. With guidance from First Flight Solutions in your FedEx® & UPS® negotiations, you can expect to lower your carrier agreement by 15%–25%.

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Small Parcel Audit & Optimization

Money in your pocket. Every week.

There’s gold in them thar invoices. But don’t spend your time and resources on a costly and time-consuming prospecting operation every week. Instead, take advantage of the digital age and let our software find every refund and recover the money that’s owed to you, while you concentrate on what you do best. Like using your automated Intelligent Optimization Advisor (IOA) to uncover operational efficiencies and opportunities that can add up to millions.

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Freight Services

Make your logistics work better. With ease.

Sit back and let us take care of the details that make your logistics department run better. On-time delivery, fast issue resolution, lower costs. . . . Save money on shipping and improve how you operate with our Logistics Control Tower. The view’s great from up here.

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Watch my video voicemail.

Our organization has been very fortunate to have a partnership with FFS, and I have known Travis and Keith for 40 years. They saved Richard Petty Motorsports and Petty’s Garage 35% and, most importantly, have been a huge supporter of the Petty Family Foundation!

We both love to give back to the community and FFS has been there with us every step of the way!

NASCAR Hall of Fame Member – 7 Championships and 200 Victories

The King - Richard Petty

FedEx® & UPS® Negotiation

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Small Parcel Audit & Optimization

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Freight Services

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