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Up to 25%. Save that much on your LTL.

Forget the 3PL. First Flight Solutions is a control tower for your entire logistics operation. With superb customer support.


Shipping | Optimized

We deliver the best technology, get you the most competitive rates, and do what needs doing.


Technology | TMS

No shipper can be their best without the best tech. That’s a standard part of the package with us.


Transparent | Simple

Clearly understanding your rates and costs is job one for any logistics operation. We make that easy.



Carriers | Partners

If your current carriers give you the rates and service you want, keep them. If not, we’ll find you new ones that do.


Visibility | Control

Our Command Center puts your shipping operation in full view. Know the what, where, and how much in real time, from anywhere.


Big Data | Big Results

Put your operation on the leading edge. Use Big Data to improve your operations and processes for Big Results.


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Watch my video voicemail.

I remember meeting Keith and Travis back in 2014 when I gave them the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Employer, and FFS's growth since then has been amazing.

I’ve seen them save NC companies and companies across the country millions. And everybody wins . . . it is a no-brainer — the savings they deliver save jobs!

74th Governor of North Carolina from 2013–2017

Pat McCrory

Freight Services

Come on up and see the view!


Welcome to Command Central

First Flight Solutions offers best-in-class technology with our Command Center TMS. It’s instant command and control for your logistics operation — ensuring you are paying the most competitive rates and getting the best service from your carriers. It’s an instant way to connect your endtoend supply chain.

Get the tech!

Automated means efficient

Logistics is not at its best without automation. Fact. Filling out forms manually, making countless phone calls (and still not getting the best rates) — you’re wasting your time and money. More facts. Our Command Center TMS takes care of the necessary stuff, while removing what’s not, in your logistics process — at no extra cost to you.

Let’s automate!


Negotiate your best rates

Lowering LTL rates is all about the information advantage. And right now, you don’t have it. (Sorry.) This means understanding how carriers create their rate models and knowing the market rates that really will help you get your best pricing. With our help, you’ll get all the information you need to negotiate better rates — while keeping the agreements between you and the carriers.


Let’s get the best rates!

Auditing freight invoices

Did you know that mistakes happen on 3%–5% of carrier freight invoices? That equals a lot of extra freight costs — and for no good reason. Most shippers don’t audit their invoices because of how complex LTL rates are. That’s an expensive mistake. We audit each invoice so every freight bill you pay is accurate. Be sure, every time.

Let’s start auditing to stop the pain!


1,300 carriers means you have choices

Your incumbent carriers are not necessarily the best choice every time. Our Command Center TMS offers API connections to over 1,300 carriers, giving you access to plenty of other rate and service options. These same APIs provide the ability to track and trace your shipments and see other in-transit data in real time.

Let’s move some data!

Cost savings, for real

Service and cost are what it always comes down to; we get that. Just know that we’ll save you up to 25% on your shipping costs with great customer support and the best TMS technology — promises we make in writing. Our customer support even comes with guaranteed response times — who does that?

It’s time. Let’s do it!


FFS Freight Services on the silver screen

Let’s talk logistics!


The most surprising thing besides the significant savings was the way we completely changed the LTL carriers we had been using without any delays and no customer complaints.

Robin Dunnahoe, Director Central Distribution - Superior Uniform Group


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