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You can lower your FedEx® & UPS® rates in 4 hours.

6 key reasons for you to love our FedEx® & UPS® Negotiation Services.

990+ satisfied shippers have saved over $604 million so far.

Come join the savings party.

Guaranteed — in Black and White

When you get your free savings analysis, you also get the only 1/10 of 1% guarantee in the industry. In print.

No Surprises

No fees upfront and no costs hidden in the details. No contract and you can cancel anytime. In other words, nothing not to like.

Quick & Simple

Over the 6-week negotiation you’ll only need to contribute 4 hours of your time. The rest you leave to us!

Choose Your Carrier

No need to worry about making waves in your carrier relationship. You can stay with your current carrier or change. It’s your choice.

Unmatched Experience

Our former FedEx® & UPS® pricing experts have over seven centuries’ worth of combined experience. And now they’re working for you.

Accountability in Hard Numbers

You’ll get a weekly report card that shows you where every cent comes from. It’s math, and you can use it to hold us accountable.

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Watch my video voicemail.

When you first reached out to me, I would never have believed that only a few weeks later we would have resolved it in such a favorable fashion. I was reluctant when you first approached me.

Often things that sound too good to be true, are. But in this case, it wasn’t. In that first period, I saved $2500 in one week alone, which was phenomenal!

Founder & CEO of SCOTTeVEST

Scott Jordan

Your rates can go lower. We’ll get them there.

Get the information advantage.

Negotiate FedEx® & UPS® rates like never before

As former FedEx® and UPS® pricing experts, we know that the logistics industry can be a messy business. You could have as much as 25% in savings hiding in the clutter. We have the experience, knowledge, and proprietary technology to get you better rate agreements and to secure for you the maximum savings on your shipments.

Still unsure? You can contact us for a rate analysis FREE of charge. Just give us 2–3 business days to sift through the data. When you see the results, you’ll be amazed at what you should be paying. Then, just 5–6 weeks after you say, “Let’s do it!,” you’ll see hard-dollar savings on your carrier invoices.

I’m ready to get my savings! >


Sleuth the savings

Magnifying glass? We’ve got a big one. Most of your potential savings are buried in the contract details. When trying to find this savings information, most companies don’t even know what to look for — much less how to find it. Actually, with our help it’s really easy to know more about your carrier agreement than your rep does. Ask us. We’ll explain how.

Let’s find my cash! >

The information advantage

A good negotiator is the most informed person in the room — not the one who acts the toughest or talks the fastest. To be that person and get your best rates is simple. Start by understanding what the carrier’s costs are and what true market rates should be for a shipper like you. That’s easier said than done, but that’s where we come in. We’ll present you with the carrier’s best offer before they do.

Don’t tell me! Show me! >


Guarantees should be in writing

The free analysis we’ll do on your small parcel spend will tell you what you can save — to within 1/10 of 1%. It’s documented, measured, and in writing. If our projection is wrong you don’t pay — that’s the guarantee. A little brash, yes, but we’re as confident as we are accurate with what we do. Our process just works.

Guaranteed? In writing? Go! >

We do the work

There’s actually very little work in this for you to get the results. You’re still the face the carrier sees throughout the process. But once it starts, we’ll power you with the information and tools you need to negotiate the best possible rates. Remember, the agreements stay between you and your carriers — everything we do is behind the scenes. We like it that way.

Give me easy! >


Same carriers, better rates

There’s no requirement to switch or use certain carriers. You can . . . but 95% of the time our customers don’t. They continue as they were, only at much lower rates. This process is about saving money, not changing how you operate. You know the service you need from your carriers. It’s our job to get you the best possible rates with the carriers you want to work with.

Keep my carrier? YES! >

Become a shipper of choice

The result of a successful negotiation should not be a carrier who feels beaten up. Good rates mean nothing without the service to back them up. Carriers respect informed and respectful negotiators — and shippers who obviously know their own business. Negotiate smart first, and the low rates and good service will naturally follow.

I want to negotiate smart! >


It comes down to savings

Of course it does. As long as the service is there, what you need to see above all else are smaller invoices. We’re paid a portion of the documented savings we drive for you, which makes our motivation crystal clear. Your weekly report card spells out all the savings details — calculated, measured, and accurate for full transparency.

I’ve made it this far. I’m ready! >

Watch our fancy negotiation animation.

Give me a FREE analysis!


FFS developed a strategy that was second to none. They even anticipated the next moves from all carriers and explained them to me well in advance. As a result of negotiations we were able to cut our small package spend by over 25%!

If reducing cost while maintaining current service levels is a priority for your business, then hire the staff at First Flight Solutions.

John Stewart, Executive VP - Diet-to-Go


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