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Our organization has been very fortunate to have a partnership with FFS, and I have known Travis and Keith for 40 years. They saved Richard Petty Motorsports and Petty’s Garage 35% and, most importantly, have been a huge supporter of the Petty Family Foundation!

We both love to give back to the community and FFS has been there with us every step of the way!

NASCAR Hall of Fame Member – 7 Championships and 200 Victories

The King - Richard Petty


Initially I partnered with First Flight Solutions to audit my small package shipments. The service failures they discovered have resulted in a new revenue stream for our company. I have been able to use the supporting data during my annual negotiations with competing carriers. Additionally, First Flight served as an expert consultant to assist in these negotiations. The entire First Flight Team is very professional and always available to help. Their robust systems are very user friendly. Even if you are currently using an audit company, I would strongly suggest that you investigate the scope of services that First Flight Solutions offers and the many positive ways that they can positively IMPACT your business.

Charlie DeSio, Director of Operations RockBottomGolf.com

As a result of the reporting and insight provided by the team at First Flight Solutions, we have been able to identify and realize significant cost-saving opportunities. In addition to a positive effect on our bottom line, their audit has helped us optimize our processes to more efficiently utilize air vs. ground service levels and obtain better visibility on direct signature, declared value and other service charges. These measures have resulted in additional, proactive savings at no cost to our company. I give First Flight my strongest endorsement.

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I remember meeting Keith and Travis back in 2014 when I gave them the Governor’s Award for Outstanding Employer, and FFS's growth since then has been amazing.

I’ve seen them save NC companies and companies across the country millions. And everybody wins . . . it is a no-brainer — the savings they deliver save jobs!

74th Governor of North Carolina from 2013–2017

Pat McCrory


We have renegotiated better rates a number of times, but always feared that we could have done better. First Flight provided the expertise to find savings by identifying where there were additional opportunities and developed a negotiation strategy that fit our style and needs while guiding us step by step through the process. They produced a result exactly as they estimated and beyond our original expectations. I highly recommend First Flight Solutions as a professional organization and especially for their attention to detail, timely attentive service, negotiation expertise and knowledge of the small package delivery area. First Flight achieved savings we were unable to achieve on our own.

John Ridgway, President Zoysia Farms/The Shelburne Company

First Flight guided our company to a 45% savings in overnight shipping. No more checking the bills for errors — the First Flight Audit function does it for you!

Mike Kelly, Corporate Controller Morse Operations, Inc.

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The team at First Flight Solutions has a lot in common with our race team. Our success has been built on precision and accuracy just like their cost savings analysis. And, we have to back that up through our performance on the track every week to WIN as FFS does with their weekly “Report Card Invoice.”

FFS delivered 43.3% savings to our race team and engine company and an average of 32% savings to 6 of our partners. They have earned our trust!

Two-Time NHRA Pro Stock Series Champion – Elite Motorsports

Erica Enders


Although other companies had solicited our business, First Flight is the only one we decided to try out. We were not disappointed. With what appeared to be a never-ending list of internal changes our company was going through before we could implement the suggested shipping changes, First Flight continued to stick with us. They kept in constant contact and continued to monitor our shipments, even before our new discounted rates took place. First Flight knew what to look for in rate savings that we had not considered, and obtained for us the best that could be found. There is no need to look for any other shipping partner other than First Flight Solutions.



First Flight Solutions opened our eyes to the level of discounts we might expect from our carriers. While we had been accustomed to receiving discounts and had a clear understanding of where our costs were, we were unsuccessful at achieving meaningful results until we allowed First Flight to negotiate on our behalf. We were able to manage communications with the carriers in a positive manner and believe the process was professional in every way. We ultimately changed carriers but not until First Flight examined every scenario and walked with us through the transition.


Lynne H. Rabil, President Hubbard Peanut Co., Inc.

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When I look at FFS, I see many of the qualities we were taught by Coach Smith at Carolina, which was so much more than basketball. I learned what it takes to be a humble leader, the importance of the details in your preparation, understanding your role on the team, and doing what you say you are going to do!

The team at FFS is passionate about delivering savings for their customers, and they know that it takes a total team effort.

UNC Basketball All American & Player of The Year

Olympic Gold Medal Winner – NBA Star

Phil Ford


First Flight did an incredible job as our consultant running our Small Package Bid. I performed bids myself in the past, but was amazed at their knowledge and how that knowledge led to double-digit savings, even when our spend dropped from 6.5 million to 2.5 million. They are very relaxed individuals even when the stress gets too high for most. I will be utilizing the services of First Flight in the future.


Allen Thornton, Former Manager, Carrier Sourcing Reynolds Wrap

First Flight Solutions developed a strategy that was second to none. They even anticipated the next moves from all carriers and explained them to me well in advance. As a result of negotiations we were able to cut our small package spend by over 25%! If reducing cost while maintaining current service levels is a priority for your business, then hire the staff at First Flight.


John Stewart, Executive VP Diet-to-Go

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When you first reached out to me, I would never have believed that only a few weeks later we would have resolved it in such a favorable fashion. I was reluctant when you first approached me.

Often things that sound too good to be true, are. But in this case, it wasn’t. In that first period, I saved $2500 in one week alone, which was phenomenal!

Founder & CEO of SCOTTeVEST

Scott Jordan

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