UPS Offers Rewards for Access Point Holiday Deliveries

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Jumping on the rewards bandwagon, UPS is offering benefits to customers that choose to have their holiday packages delivered to a UPS Access Point, rather than to their homes.

By encouraging this modified behavior, UPS is hoping to improve its delivery density and take some of the load off its network during peak season.

Customers that use alternative delivery sites, called UPS Access Point Locations, are eligible for the program, which can bring them rewards valued at up to $20.

How It Works

The UPS Access Point network includes almost 9,000 pick-up locations throughout the U.S., including The UPS Store locations and other local businesses such as delis, drycleaners, and florists. Shoppers who place orders online can opt to pick up their deliveries at one of the locations for no additional fee and at the same time earn rewards. To participate, the customer must be enrolled in UPS MY Choice.

There are three levels of benefits, which are activated (respectively) with the first, third, and fifth eligible deliveries to an Access Point location. Participants can earn up to $10 that can be redeemed for a Target eGiftCard or up to three free months of UPS My Choice Premium service. The promotional program ends on January 11, 2019.

A win-win option

While the program is helping out UPS during its busiest period of the year by consolidating deliveries and reducing the risk of customers getting their packages late, there are also a number of benefits for the customer — beyond that of getting their orders on time!

As UPS states on its promotional page for the program, “porch pirates” — people who steal packages left at the door — are not a figment of the imagination, so having a package delivered to an Access Point offers greater security.

There’s also the convenience of being able to pick up the package at a time that suits, rather than waiting around for it to be delivered. Many Access Point locations are open longer hours, especially during the holiday season. The UPS “Pulse of the Online Shopper” study cites that 30% of those surveyed use these locations, benefiting from the extended hours.

During a time of year when it’s essential to get consumers their deliveries on time, UPS hopes that this promotion will increase both convenience and satisfaction for customers.

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